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29 January 2014 @ 01:36 pm
STATIC! (with Jessi)  
[1:07:54 PM] Tristan Affliction: my hair is driving me insane right now. i keep getting static and it's all sticking out or trying to glue/cling itself to my face.
[1:08:54 PM] apl pi: do not rub a balloon on yourself
[1:08:57 PM] apl pi: idk how to get rid of static

[1:13:47 PM]Tristan Affliction: lol i'll try not to do that. good thing you told me cause i was gonna just plan a sexy date with a balloon later tonight. i'm gonna have to call back now and let them go. i have a feeling it might deflate their ego but i can't just keep leading them on and blowing hot air their way. plus we both agreed that it was just dating for fun..no strings attached.
[1:14:44 PM] apl pi: OMG THE PUNS
[1:15:01 PM] apl pi: dont be so cute
[1:15:03 PM] apl pi: its not allowed

[1:18:37 PM] Tristan Affliction: Lol i dunno about cute but i've just gave proof to being a nerd.