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04 March 2014 @ 01:38 am
Rofl.."L" spazzing out/trolling on me & trying to start palace drama.  
Bee <3: Bee
·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦· : Me
scien tist : Charlie
je.: Emz
L: Joel


:I put on one of my photos:

[4:34:27 AM] Bee <3: Cute pic Maff <3
[4:34:33 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: ty bee
[4:34:37 AM] Bee <3: yw Maff
[4:34:39 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: <3
[4:34:40 AM] scien tist: lets procreate je
[4:34:44 AM] Bee <3: <3

later on..

[4:43:40 AM] L: I like your snakebites, bro<
[4:43:40 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: its freezing in the kitchen
[4:43:44 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: thanx
[4:43:47 AM] L: (I'm kidding)
[4:43:51 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: oh well
[4:43:53 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: i like them
[4:43:53 AM] L: oh well.
[4:43:55 AM] je.: poindextor has like 100 peen enhancement pills so he puts them all in his suitecase n thenn walks into the wall
[4:43:58 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: i'll pat myself on the back
[4:44:01 AM] Bee <3: Yeah it's cold everywhere else in my house but in my room.
[4:44:05 AM] L: Good luck reaching that far.
[4:44:10 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: o_O
[4:44:12 AM] scien tist: i am skinnier than anyone in my family
[4:44:20 AM] Joomeister: that's good
[4:44:22 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: isnt that far lol
[4:44:32 AM] scien tist: i am under 200 i believe idk
[4:44:33 AM] je.: :can t believe none of you have seen Revenge of the nerds
[4:44:34 AM] scien tist: prob
[4:44:41 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: i have je
[4:44:43 AM] je.: :well some of you are too young
[4:44:44 AM] je.: :p
[4:44:46 AM] scien tist: i hated gaining weight from all those meds
[4:44:47 AM] je.: > -cough-
[4:45:03 AM] je.: 1 & II?
[4:45:11 AM] je.: III sucks
[4:45:18 AM] L: I've seen it, faggot.
[4:45:21 AM] scien tist: but seroquel gives me crazy dreams and makes me have the munchies like a mother fucker
[4:45:21 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: i'm scrawny. i'm the heaviest ive ever been. which is sad.
[4:45:33 AM] scien tist: the dreams are fuckiing weird as fuck
[4:45:36 AM] je.: faggot no you haven t. u just trying to fit in right now
[4:45:38 AM] je.: lol j k
[4:45:38 AM] scien tist: like super fucking weird
[4:45:43 AM] scien tist: its kinda cool
[4:45:52 AM] scien tist: like bizare as fuck
[4:46:01 AM] Bee <3: We should watch movies one night on here like we all used to.
[4:46:16 AM] je.: i remember that one morning
[4:46:26 AM] je.: sarah put on Faces of death II
[4:46:29 AM] scien tist: when i was in the hospital i like talked to everyone i met like ever in my sleep and kept waking myself up
[4:46:31 AM] je.: [gwi]
[4:46:33 AM] scien tist: idk
[4:46:36 AM] scien tist: it was weird
[4:46:36 AM] je.: shawn wa son that day
[4:46:46 AM] je.: he didn t want to watch it though
[4:46:55 AM] scien tist: i would be asleep talking to someone in the dream
[4:47:04 AM] scien tist: it was like i was nodding in and out or sleep
[4:47:10 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: my brother talks in his sleep.
[4:47:14 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: he also sometimes sleeps with his eyes open
[4:47:17 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: creepy as hell
[4:47:21 AM] Bee <3: Any night you all wanna watch something just let me know.
[4:47:23 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: so when he's doing both
[4:47:25 AM] Bee <3: I sleep walk Maff.
[4:47:28 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: you have no idea he's actually asleep
[4:47:33 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: til he says something completely strange
[4:47:33 AM] je.: those kind of movies do not frighten me/make sad
[4:47:35 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: and off topic
[4:47:55 AM] L: That's because his mind's going over everything stored in it's memory/knowledge with no real direction or coherence.
[4:47:55 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: how far have you gone sleep walking
[4:48:04 AM] scien tist: dude
[4:48:04 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: or have you done anything while you were that was crazy
[4:48:05 AM] je.: just allot of dumm people being filmd dying
[4:48:15 AM] scien tist: i talked to like everyone i ever fucking knew
[4:48:18 AM] je.: oh well, their loss
[4:48:26 AM] scien tist: it was like shaking tons of peoples hands
[4:48:29 AM] scien tist: it was weird
[4:48:40 AM] Bee <3: A few weeks ago I got up and locked my door in my room and down at the other place where I used to live I got up and walked in the closet and sit down. lol.
[4:48:49 AM] scien tist: and it was just like brief too because thats how dreams work
[4:48:54 AM] scien tist: they skipp around
[4:49:05 AM] je.: i was cleaning jooms dishs one night n she thought a ghost in the haus
[4:49:11 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: my brother almost pissed in our closet when we were kids.
[4:49:16 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: my mom had to stop him before he did
[4:49:31 AM] Bee <3: Was your brother sleep walking?
[4:49:34 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: yeah
[4:49:40 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: he doesnt do it anymore though
[4:49:48 AM] scien tist: you know how you piss in public
[4:50:01 AM] scien tist: you do it in a cup faced the other way
[4:50:08 AM] Bee <3: WOW I've done it 3 or 4 times in my life.
[4:50:08 AM] scien tist: so they cant see the stream
[4:50:21 AM] scien tist: they have how to vidoes on how to do it
[4:50:30 AM] scien tist: females is a little more complex
[4:50:35 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: i read that wrong..well not read but i thought you meant you pissed in your closet at first
[4:50:42 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: 3 or 4 times
[4:50:44 AM] scien tist: no
[4:50:47 AM] Bee <3: No. lol.
[4:50:48 AM] scien tist: oh
[4:50:50 AM] scien tist: her
[4:50:50 AM] scien tist: hahaha
[4:50:52 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: yeah aha
[4:50:56 AM] scien tist: she knows she did
[4:51:24 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: yeah ive seen women standing at urinals aha
[4:51:31 AM] scien tist: you can always get one of those things
[4:51:42 AM] scien tist: where woman can stand and pee
[4:51:46 AM] scien tist: you ever seen those
[4:51:52 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: i knew this one girl that didnt even need it
[4:51:54 AM] scien tist: i saw one at the head shop
[4:52:01 AM] scien tist: idk why it was theire
[4:52:05 AM] scien tist: hahahaha
[4:52:12 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: she just bent her knees and like pulled her clit back to direct her urine aha
[4:52:19 AM] scien tist: did she have like a big clit
[4:52:20 AM] scien tist: hahaha
[4:52:23 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: nah
[4:52:31 AM] scien tist: how does taht work
[4:52:34 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: but she had to make sure she had to go a lot
[4:52:38 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: it had to be a strong stream
[4:52:41 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: otherwise she pissed down her leg
[4:52:45 AM] scien tist: oh
[4:52:47 AM] scien tist: like a hose
[4:52:48 AM] scien tist: loooool
[4:52:52 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: lol
[4:53:04 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: she said she practiced in the shower
[4:53:04 AM] scien tist: i want coffee and cinnabons
[4:53:08 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: before doing it in public
[4:53:15 AM] scien tist: me to
[4:53:18 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: lol
[4:53:18 AM] scien tist: oh wait
[4:53:32 AM] L: Ok, who pisses in public besides pigs and drunk people.
[4:53:33 AM] Joomeister: i found you charlie
[4:53:36 AM] Joomeister: http://24.media.tumblr.com/6ce73ac7a9c26784a2dd9e7115e41cc9/tumblr_n1aecynRNH1qdlh1io1_400.gif
[4:53:37 AM] L: You know some shitty people<
[4:53:38 AM] Joomeister: late at nights
[4:53:52 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: public bathrooms?
[4:53:56 AM] je.: lol
[4:53:57 AM] L: I don't like you.
[4:54:01 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: thats good
[4:54:03 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: i dont know you.
[4:54:09 AM] L: There are no urinals in the women's bathrooms
[4:54:14 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: yeah
[4:54:15 AM] L: why does she go into men's bathrooms
[4:54:20 AM] L: is she a hooker.
[4:54:20 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: its in mens
[4:54:26 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: women have been known to sneak in mens bathrooms
[4:54:32 AM] L: shady f***ing women.
[4:54:38 AM] scien tist: fucking trazadone was giving me boners while i was sleeping
[4:54:49 AM] scien tist: you watching me nap jojo
[4:54:50 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: apparently she wanted to show off she can piss standing up. hell if i know
[4:55:08 AM] L: Creepy.
[4:55:10 AM] Joomeister: yeah
[4:55:19 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: plus it was a bar. so i'm sure she was drunk
[4:55:27 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: which probably didnt hurt
[4:55:29 AM] je.: i guess im creepy too
[4:55:32 AM] je.: oh well
[4:55:44 AM] scien tist: pissing everywhere is the greatest thing ever
[4:55:48 AM] Joomeister: i'm "weird" and a "dork"
[4:55:48 AM] scien tist: what are you talking about
[4:55:58 AM] je.: definitely a dork ya
[4:55:58 AM] L: Who goes to bars anyway.
[4:56:02 AM] scien tist: i will piss on you elenor rigby
[4:56:04 AM] L: I went once, it was awkward.
[4:56:05 AM] Joomeister: :{
[4:56:09 AM] scien tist: hahaha
[4:56:09 AM] L: There was a cute chick though.
[4:56:15 AM] je.: >/
[4:56:17 AM] scien tist: you are a beatles song now
[4:56:17 AM] je.: :/
[4:56:45 AM] scien tist: you would be awkward
[4:57:00 AM] scien tist: you are little buffalo who sits when pees
[4:57:17 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: lol little buffalo
[4:57:33 AM] L: My proper native name is Little Shadow*
[4:58:08 AM] scien tist: because you mommies shadow
[4:58:12 AM] scien tist: lol
[4:58:12 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: you were close. at least you had the little part right.
[4:58:16 AM] scien tist: lol
[4:58:34 AM] scien tist: jk ellie
[4:58:37 AM] L: Says the guy who weighs 110 and believes thaat to be fat for him.
[4:58:48 AM] L: I'm positive I can destroy you in a fight without much effort.
[4:58:49 AM] scien tist: 110
[4:58:53 AM] scien tist: ?
[4:58:57 AM] [C] ][ "][" ][ [Z] ]|E ]l\|[ has signed off.
[4:59:00 AM] scien tist: i am like under 200
[4:59:01 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: whos 110
[4:59:04 AM] L: you.
[4:59:04 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: or fat
[4:59:08 AM] L: Was a guess though
[4:59:10 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: i never said i was 110
[4:59:10 AM] scien tist: oh
[4:59:12 AM] L: but you get the general idea
[4:59:13 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: or fat
[4:59:16 AM] L: Was a guess though
[4:59:16 AM] L: but you get the general idea
[4:59:19 AM] L: Was a guess though
[4:59:19 AM] L: but you get the general idea
[4:59:20 AM] L: Was a guess though
[4:59:20 AM] L: but you get the general idea
[4:59:21 AM] L: Was a guess though
[4:59:22 AM] L: but you get the general idea
[4:59:27 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: dude so much angst lol
[4:59:27 AM] L: Want me to paste again?
[4:59:27 AM] scien tist: i was like 134 when i was like 22
[4:59:31 AM] L: Angst?
[4:59:33 AM] scien tist: when i went to jail
[4:59:35 AM] L: Who said I had angst?
[4:59:37 AM] L: Oh wait you.
[4:59:40 AM] L: Just like I said you were 110.
[4:59:44 AM] L: scrawny f***.
[4:59:50 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: lol
[4:59:57 AM] scien tist: how much you weigh
[4:59:58 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: i called myself scrawny. so yeah.
[5:00:00 AM] L: all i'd have to do to f*** you over is grab that nose ring and yank it off your face to win.
[5:00:02 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: calling me what i called myself
[5:00:05 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: not really a dent
[5:00:15 AM] Joomeister: god
[5:00:21 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: lmao fighting on the net
[5:00:21 AM] scien tist: i am voluptious
[5:00:22 AM] Joomeister: -13 this week
[5:00:23 AM] je.: capital
[5:00:23 AM] scien tist: lmfao
[5:00:30 AM] L: No one's fighting.
[5:00:38 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: youre trying to say how you can beat me up
[5:00:42 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: cause i said he got little right
[5:00:45 AM] L: there's a lot of ways to f*** someone up.
[5:00:51 AM] L: That just happens to be one.
[5:00:51 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: a little hostile for something so stupid.
[5:00:55 AM] scien tist: type censor off
[5:01:00 AM] L: censor off
[5:01:02 AM] L: Fuck.
[5:01:03 AM] scien tist: to say fuck
[5:01:03 AM] L: Yum.
[5:01:04 AM] je.: oo -13
[5:01:05 AM] scien tist: yup
[5:01:34 AM] scien tist: south park is censored mostly
[5:01:37 AM] L: Forgive me for not taking a liking to being presumed weak by height or weight.
[5:01:42 AM] scien tist: even on dvd i believe
[5:01:51 AM] scien tist: idr
[5:02:01 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: i dont get how my weight or if you can take me or not even became a topic
[5:02:04 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: or why youd even care
[5:02:10 AM] L: Because I don't like you.
[5:02:10 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: but okay
[5:02:15 AM] scien tist: you remember jerry springer
[5:02:15 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: you said that.
[5:02:20 AM] L: Had to again.
[5:02:20 AM] scien tist: they would bleep shit
[5:02:20 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: then why do you talk to people you dont like
[5:02:27 AM] scien tist: that wasnt even curse words
[5:02:27 AM] L: Because I like doing it.
[5:02:28 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: like you said
[5:02:30 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: you does that?
[5:02:30 AM] Bee <3: Joel is a troll that doesn't like anyone.
[5:02:30 AM] scien tist: and you knew it
[5:02:33 AM] scien tist: man
[5:02:34 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: who*
[5:02:36 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: does that
[5:02:39 AM] scien tist: i miss old jerry
[5:02:49 AM] Joomeister has signed off.
[5:02:55 AM] scien tist: i never really what the uncensored jerry
[5:03:02 AM] scien tist: or uncensored cops
[5:03:06 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: i figured
[5:03:07 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: lol
[5:03:10 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: hes stupid
[5:03:10 AM] scien tist: my dad is leaving
[5:03:13 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: so he doesnt bother me
[5:03:16 AM] L: So am I.
[5:03:17 AM] L has signed off.
[5:03:18 AM] scien tist: my sister leaving
[5:03:39 AM] scien tist: he tries to be so angry
[5:03:41 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: lol
[5:03:42 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: yeah
[5:03:57 AM] scien tist: is he compensating?
[5:03:58 AM] Bee <3: He doesn't bother me either he even called me a troll one night.
[5:04:01 AM] scien tist: god
[5:04:05 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: the little comment hit him hard
[5:04:10 AM] scien tist: is some making cinnabons
[5:04:12 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: he was all instant attack mode
[5:04:18 AM] scien tist: meh
[5:04:33 AM] scien tist: i act angry and forget i am playing
[5:04:38 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: lol
[5:04:51 AM] scien tist: idk
[5:05:00 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: its palace so either way..i dont go to sleep worried if someone hates me or not
[5:05:08 AM] scien tist: i have really not expressed myself a lot over time
[5:05:15 AM] scien tist: nah
[5:05:35 AM] scien tist: you seem bored
[5:06:15 AM] scien tist: just your pick
[5:06:15 AM] scien tist: displays that
[5:06:15 AM] scien tist: not your text so much
[5:06:15 AM] scien tist has left the room.
[5:06:15 AM] scien tist has entered the room.
[5:06:15 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: i'm sort of whatever happens. not bored.
[5:06:15 AM] scien tist: fuck
[5:06:16 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: but i know i should be sleeping
[5:06:19 AM] scien tist: whatever
[5:06:44 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: i'm good tho.
[5:06:59 AM] scien tist: smell like cinnamon am i having olfactory hallucinations?
[5:07:02 AM] Bee <3: On palace there's always something going on never a dull moment that's for sure.
[5:07:08 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: lol
[5:07:23 AM] Bee <3: lol
[5:07:26 AM] scien tist: i try to make shit things happen i guess
[5:07:27 AM] scien tist: do it
[5:07:32 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: palace always has someone around for drama or just to be a troll
[5:07:36 AM] scien tist: *i
[5:07:38 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: a lot of the time its both
[5:07:45 AM] Bee <3: Yeah I guess that's the fun of it?
[5:07:55 AM] scien tist: hmm
[5:08:01 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: some trolls are hilarious tho
[5:08:07 AM] scien tist: i made the rooms split
[5:08:07 AM] Bee <3: Yeah some can be.