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Bee <3: Bee
·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦· : Me
scien tist : Charlie
je.: Emz
L: Joel


:I put on one of my photos:

[4:34:27 AM] Bee <3: Cute pic Maff <3
[4:34:33 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: ty bee
[4:34:37 AM] Bee <3: yw Maff
[4:34:39 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: <3
[4:34:40 AM] scien tist: lets procreate je
[4:34:44 AM] Bee <3: <3

later on..

[4:43:40 AM] L: I like your snakebites, bro<
[4:43:40 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: its freezing in the kitchen
[4:43:44 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: thanx
[4:43:47 AM] L: (I'm kidding)
[4:43:51 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: oh well
[4:43:53 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: i like them
[4:43:53 AM] L: oh well.
[4:43:55 AM] je.: poindextor has like 100 peen enhancement pills so he puts them all in his suitecase n thenn walks into the wall
[4:43:58 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: i'll pat myself on the back
[4:44:01 AM] Bee <3: Yeah it's cold everywhere else in my house but in my room.
[4:44:05 AM] L: Good luck reaching that far.
[4:44:10 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: o_O
[4:44:12 AM] scien tist: i am skinnier than anyone in my family
[4:44:20 AM] Joomeister: that's good
[4:44:22 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: isnt that far lol
[4:44:32 AM] scien tist: i am under 200 i believe idk
[4:44:33 AM] je.: :can t believe none of you have seen Revenge of the nerds
[4:44:34 AM] scien tist: prob
[4:44:41 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: i have je
[4:44:43 AM] je.: :well some of you are too young
[4:44:44 AM] je.: :p
[4:44:46 AM] scien tist: i hated gaining weight from all those meds
[4:44:47 AM] je.: > -cough-
[4:45:03 AM] je.: 1 & II?
[4:45:11 AM] je.: III sucks
[4:45:18 AM] L: I've seen it, faggot.
[4:45:21 AM] scien tist: but seroquel gives me crazy dreams and makes me have the munchies like a mother fucker
[4:45:21 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: i'm scrawny. i'm the heaviest ive ever been. which is sad.
[4:45:33 AM] scien tist: the dreams are fuckiing weird as fuck
[4:45:36 AM] je.: faggot no you haven t. u just trying to fit in right now
[4:45:38 AM] je.: lol j k
[4:45:38 AM] scien tist: like super fucking weird
[4:45:43 AM] scien tist: its kinda cool
[4:45:52 AM] scien tist: like bizare as fuck
[4:46:01 AM] Bee <3: We should watch movies one night on here like we all used to.
[4:46:16 AM] je.: i remember that one morning
[4:46:26 AM] je.: sarah put on Faces of death II
[4:46:29 AM] scien tist: when i was in the hospital i like talked to everyone i met like ever in my sleep and kept waking myself up
[4:46:31 AM] je.: [gwi]
[4:46:33 AM] scien tist: idk
[4:46:36 AM] scien tist: it was weird
[4:46:36 AM] je.: shawn wa son that day
[4:46:46 AM] je.: he didn t want to watch it though
[4:46:55 AM] scien tist: i would be asleep talking to someone in the dream
[4:47:04 AM] scien tist: it was like i was nodding in and out or sleep
[4:47:10 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: my brother talks in his sleep.
[4:47:14 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: he also sometimes sleeps with his eyes open
[4:47:17 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: creepy as hell
[4:47:21 AM] Bee <3: Any night you all wanna watch something just let me know.
[4:47:23 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: so when he's doing both
[4:47:25 AM] Bee <3: I sleep walk Maff.
[4:47:28 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: you have no idea he's actually asleep
[4:47:33 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: til he says something completely strange
[4:47:33 AM] je.: those kind of movies do not frighten me/make sad
[4:47:35 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: and off topic
[4:47:55 AM] L: That's because his mind's going over everything stored in it's memory/knowledge with no real direction or coherence.
[4:47:55 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: how far have you gone sleep walking
[4:48:04 AM] scien tist: dude
[4:48:04 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: or have you done anything while you were that was crazy
[4:48:05 AM] je.: just allot of dumm people being filmd dying
[4:48:15 AM] scien tist: i talked to like everyone i ever fucking knew
[4:48:18 AM] je.: oh well, their loss
[4:48:26 AM] scien tist: it was like shaking tons of peoples hands
[4:48:29 AM] scien tist: it was weird
[4:48:40 AM] Bee <3: A few weeks ago I got up and locked my door in my room and down at the other place where I used to live I got up and walked in the closet and sit down. lol.
[4:48:49 AM] scien tist: and it was just like brief too because thats how dreams work
[4:48:54 AM] scien tist: they skipp around
[4:49:05 AM] je.: i was cleaning jooms dishs one night n she thought a ghost in the haus
[4:49:11 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: my brother almost pissed in our closet when we were kids.
[4:49:16 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: my mom had to stop him before he did
[4:49:31 AM] Bee <3: Was your brother sleep walking?
[4:49:34 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: yeah
[4:49:40 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: he doesnt do it anymore though
[4:49:48 AM] scien tist: you know how you piss in public
[4:50:01 AM] scien tist: you do it in a cup faced the other way
[4:50:08 AM] Bee <3: WOW I've done it 3 or 4 times in my life.
[4:50:08 AM] scien tist: so they cant see the stream
[4:50:21 AM] scien tist: they have how to vidoes on how to do it
[4:50:30 AM] scien tist: females is a little more complex
[4:50:35 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: i read that wrong..well not read but i thought you meant you pissed in your closet at first
[4:50:42 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: 3 or 4 times
[4:50:44 AM] scien tist: no
[4:50:47 AM] Bee <3: No. lol.
[4:50:48 AM] scien tist: oh
[4:50:50 AM] scien tist: her
[4:50:50 AM] scien tist: hahaha
[4:50:52 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: yeah aha
[4:50:56 AM] scien tist: she knows she did
[4:51:24 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: yeah ive seen women standing at urinals aha
[4:51:31 AM] scien tist: you can always get one of those things
[4:51:42 AM] scien tist: where woman can stand and pee
[4:51:46 AM] scien tist: you ever seen those
[4:51:52 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: i knew this one girl that didnt even need it
[4:51:54 AM] scien tist: i saw one at the head shop
[4:52:01 AM] scien tist: idk why it was theire
[4:52:05 AM] scien tist: hahahaha
[4:52:12 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: she just bent her knees and like pulled her clit back to direct her urine aha
[4:52:19 AM] scien tist: did she have like a big clit
[4:52:20 AM] scien tist: hahaha
[4:52:23 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: nah
[4:52:31 AM] scien tist: how does taht work
[4:52:34 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: but she had to make sure she had to go a lot
[4:52:38 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: it had to be a strong stream
[4:52:41 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: otherwise she pissed down her leg
[4:52:45 AM] scien tist: oh
[4:52:47 AM] scien tist: like a hose
[4:52:48 AM] scien tist: loooool
[4:52:52 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: lol
[4:53:04 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: she said she practiced in the shower
[4:53:04 AM] scien tist: i want coffee and cinnabons
[4:53:08 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: before doing it in public
[4:53:15 AM] scien tist: me to
[4:53:18 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: lol
[4:53:18 AM] scien tist: oh wait
[4:53:32 AM] L: Ok, who pisses in public besides pigs and drunk people.
[4:53:33 AM] Joomeister: i found you charlie
[4:53:36 AM] Joomeister: http://24.media.tumblr.com/6ce73ac7a9c26784a2dd9e7115e41cc9/tumblr_n1aecynRNH1qdlh1io1_400.gif
[4:53:37 AM] L: You know some shitty people<
[4:53:38 AM] Joomeister: late at nights
[4:53:52 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: public bathrooms?
[4:53:56 AM] je.: lol
[4:53:57 AM] L: I don't like you.
[4:54:01 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: thats good
[4:54:03 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: i dont know you.
[4:54:09 AM] L: There are no urinals in the women's bathrooms
[4:54:14 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: yeah
[4:54:15 AM] L: why does she go into men's bathrooms
[4:54:20 AM] L: is she a hooker.
[4:54:20 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: its in mens
[4:54:26 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: women have been known to sneak in mens bathrooms
[4:54:32 AM] L: shady f***ing women.
[4:54:38 AM] scien tist: fucking trazadone was giving me boners while i was sleeping
[4:54:49 AM] scien tist: you watching me nap jojo
[4:54:50 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: apparently she wanted to show off she can piss standing up. hell if i know
[4:55:08 AM] L: Creepy.
[4:55:10 AM] Joomeister: yeah
[4:55:19 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: plus it was a bar. so i'm sure she was drunk
[4:55:27 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: which probably didnt hurt
[4:55:29 AM] je.: i guess im creepy too
[4:55:32 AM] je.: oh well
[4:55:44 AM] scien tist: pissing everywhere is the greatest thing ever
[4:55:48 AM] Joomeister: i'm "weird" and a "dork"
[4:55:48 AM] scien tist: what are you talking about
[4:55:58 AM] je.: definitely a dork ya
[4:55:58 AM] L: Who goes to bars anyway.
[4:56:02 AM] scien tist: i will piss on you elenor rigby
[4:56:04 AM] L: I went once, it was awkward.
[4:56:05 AM] Joomeister: :{
[4:56:09 AM] scien tist: hahaha
[4:56:09 AM] L: There was a cute chick though.
[4:56:15 AM] je.: >/
[4:56:17 AM] scien tist: you are a beatles song now
[4:56:17 AM] je.: :/
[4:56:45 AM] scien tist: you would be awkward
[4:57:00 AM] scien tist: you are little buffalo who sits when pees
[4:57:17 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: lol little buffalo
[4:57:33 AM] L: My proper native name is Little Shadow*
[4:58:08 AM] scien tist: because you mommies shadow
[4:58:12 AM] scien tist: lol
[4:58:12 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: you were close. at least you had the little part right.
[4:58:16 AM] scien tist: lol
[4:58:34 AM] scien tist: jk ellie
[4:58:37 AM] L: Says the guy who weighs 110 and believes thaat to be fat for him.
[4:58:48 AM] L: I'm positive I can destroy you in a fight without much effort.
[4:58:49 AM] scien tist: 110
[4:58:53 AM] scien tist: ?
[4:58:57 AM] [C] ][ "][" ][ [Z] ]|E ]l\|[ has signed off.
[4:59:00 AM] scien tist: i am like under 200
[4:59:01 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: whos 110
[4:59:04 AM] L: you.
[4:59:04 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: or fat
[4:59:08 AM] L: Was a guess though
[4:59:10 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: i never said i was 110
[4:59:10 AM] scien tist: oh
[4:59:12 AM] L: but you get the general idea
[4:59:13 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: or fat
[4:59:16 AM] L: Was a guess though
[4:59:16 AM] L: but you get the general idea
[4:59:19 AM] L: Was a guess though
[4:59:19 AM] L: but you get the general idea
[4:59:20 AM] L: Was a guess though
[4:59:20 AM] L: but you get the general idea
[4:59:21 AM] L: Was a guess though
[4:59:22 AM] L: but you get the general idea
[4:59:27 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: dude so much angst lol
[4:59:27 AM] L: Want me to paste again?
[4:59:27 AM] scien tist: i was like 134 when i was like 22
[4:59:31 AM] L: Angst?
[4:59:33 AM] scien tist: when i went to jail
[4:59:35 AM] L: Who said I had angst?
[4:59:37 AM] L: Oh wait you.
[4:59:40 AM] L: Just like I said you were 110.
[4:59:44 AM] L: scrawny f***.
[4:59:50 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: lol
[4:59:57 AM] scien tist: how much you weigh
[4:59:58 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: i called myself scrawny. so yeah.
[5:00:00 AM] L: all i'd have to do to f*** you over is grab that nose ring and yank it off your face to win.
[5:00:02 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: calling me what i called myself
[5:00:05 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: not really a dent
[5:00:15 AM] Joomeister: god
[5:00:21 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: lmao fighting on the net
[5:00:21 AM] scien tist: i am voluptious
[5:00:22 AM] Joomeister: -13 this week
[5:00:23 AM] je.: capital
[5:00:23 AM] scien tist: lmfao
[5:00:30 AM] L: No one's fighting.
[5:00:38 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: youre trying to say how you can beat me up
[5:00:42 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: cause i said he got little right
[5:00:45 AM] L: there's a lot of ways to f*** someone up.
[5:00:51 AM] L: That just happens to be one.
[5:00:51 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: a little hostile for something so stupid.
[5:00:55 AM] scien tist: type censor off
[5:01:00 AM] L: censor off
[5:01:02 AM] L: Fuck.
[5:01:03 AM] scien tist: to say fuck
[5:01:03 AM] L: Yum.
[5:01:04 AM] je.: oo -13
[5:01:05 AM] scien tist: yup
[5:01:34 AM] scien tist: south park is censored mostly
[5:01:37 AM] L: Forgive me for not taking a liking to being presumed weak by height or weight.
[5:01:42 AM] scien tist: even on dvd i believe
[5:01:51 AM] scien tist: idr
[5:02:01 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: i dont get how my weight or if you can take me or not even became a topic
[5:02:04 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: or why youd even care
[5:02:10 AM] L: Because I don't like you.
[5:02:10 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: but okay
[5:02:15 AM] scien tist: you remember jerry springer
[5:02:15 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: you said that.
[5:02:20 AM] L: Had to again.
[5:02:20 AM] scien tist: they would bleep shit
[5:02:20 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: then why do you talk to people you dont like
[5:02:27 AM] scien tist: that wasnt even curse words
[5:02:27 AM] L: Because I like doing it.
[5:02:28 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: like you said
[5:02:30 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: you does that?
[5:02:30 AM] Bee <3: Joel is a troll that doesn't like anyone.
[5:02:30 AM] scien tist: and you knew it
[5:02:33 AM] scien tist: man
[5:02:34 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: who*
[5:02:36 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: does that
[5:02:39 AM] scien tist: i miss old jerry
[5:02:49 AM] Joomeister has signed off.
[5:02:55 AM] scien tist: i never really what the uncensored jerry
[5:03:02 AM] scien tist: or uncensored cops
[5:03:06 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: i figured
[5:03:07 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: lol
[5:03:10 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: hes stupid
[5:03:10 AM] scien tist: my dad is leaving
[5:03:13 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: so he doesnt bother me
[5:03:16 AM] L: So am I.
[5:03:17 AM] L has signed off.
[5:03:18 AM] scien tist: my sister leaving
[5:03:39 AM] scien tist: he tries to be so angry
[5:03:41 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: lol
[5:03:42 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: yeah
[5:03:57 AM] scien tist: is he compensating?
[5:03:58 AM] Bee <3: He doesn't bother me either he even called me a troll one night.
[5:04:01 AM] scien tist: god
[5:04:05 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: the little comment hit him hard
[5:04:10 AM] scien tist: is some making cinnabons
[5:04:12 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: he was all instant attack mode
[5:04:18 AM] scien tist: meh
[5:04:33 AM] scien tist: i act angry and forget i am playing
[5:04:38 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: lol
[5:04:51 AM] scien tist: idk
[5:05:00 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: its palace so either way..i dont go to sleep worried if someone hates me or not
[5:05:08 AM] scien tist: i have really not expressed myself a lot over time
[5:05:15 AM] scien tist: nah
[5:05:35 AM] scien tist: you seem bored
[5:06:15 AM] scien tist: just your pick
[5:06:15 AM] scien tist: displays that
[5:06:15 AM] scien tist: not your text so much
[5:06:15 AM] scien tist has left the room.
[5:06:15 AM] scien tist has entered the room.
[5:06:15 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: i'm sort of whatever happens. not bored.
[5:06:15 AM] scien tist: fuck
[5:06:16 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: but i know i should be sleeping
[5:06:19 AM] scien tist: whatever
[5:06:44 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: i'm good tho.
[5:06:59 AM] scien tist: smell like cinnamon am i having olfactory hallucinations?
[5:07:02 AM] Bee <3: On palace there's always something going on never a dull moment that's for sure.
[5:07:08 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: lol
[5:07:23 AM] Bee <3: lol
[5:07:26 AM] scien tist: i try to make shit things happen i guess
[5:07:27 AM] scien tist: do it
[5:07:32 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: palace always has someone around for drama or just to be a troll
[5:07:36 AM] scien tist: *i
[5:07:38 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: a lot of the time its both
[5:07:45 AM] Bee <3: Yeah I guess that's the fun of it?
[5:07:55 AM] scien tist: hmm
[5:08:01 AM] ·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦·: some trolls are hilarious tho
[5:08:07 AM] scien tist: i made the rooms split
[5:08:07 AM] Bee <3: Yeah some can be.
22 February 2014 @ 08:45 am
·¦¦·º¹²³·¦¦· : Me
D0PE. : Stephy
Weener Cheese : Al

im stuffin my face with food atm. so i'm half here
Weener Cheese
i had dinner but i'm kinda hungry again
Weener Cheese
trying to be good
Weener Cheese
he stuffs his face with my cheese
sitting here
singing songs to you guys and no one cares.
i like it when your cheese is creamy al ;B
more flavor
Weener Cheese
Weener Cheese
Weener Cheese
you win
i just gagged
and idk why
Weener Cheese
my mind instantly went to like a yeast infection
i dont want anymore cheese today
29 January 2014 @ 01:36 pm
[1:07:54 PM] Tristan Affliction: my hair is driving me insane right now. i keep getting static and it's all sticking out or trying to glue/cling itself to my face.
[1:08:54 PM] apl pi: do not rub a balloon on yourself
[1:08:57 PM] apl pi: idk how to get rid of static

[1:13:47 PM]Tristan Affliction: lol i'll try not to do that. good thing you told me cause i was gonna just plan a sexy date with a balloon later tonight. i'm gonna have to call back now and let them go. i have a feeling it might deflate their ego but i can't just keep leading them on and blowing hot air their way. plus we both agreed that it was just dating for fun..no strings attached.
[1:14:44 PM] apl pi: OMG THE PUNS
[1:15:01 PM] apl pi: dont be so cute
[1:15:03 PM] apl pi: its not allowed

[1:18:37 PM] Tristan Affliction: Lol i dunno about cute but i've just gave proof to being a nerd.
27 November 2013 @ 01:52 am
Victor Turull
So, if I'm understanding this correctly.. If I put my hand on your hip, then I'll dip, you'll dip... and we'd collectively be dipping...

Someone correct me if I'm wrong.

I think I had an instructional video for this somewhere:


Tristan Affliction
Hm..lets find out.
:puts hand on your hip & dips:

Victor Turull
That's considered dip rape. According to the instructional DVD, both parties have to consent, and it should be at least 30 minutes after eating.

Tristan Affliction
You did consent when you said correct you if you're wrong.
I figured I'd help you put the theory to action.
You didn't dip though.
So it must be incorrect.

Victor Turull
I see, you used my hypothesis and conducted your own experiment. There are a few different reasons why it may not have worked.. We need a control group and different variables... what if the music were currently playing? What if one part is wearing flip flops, or sandals.. maybe even a pencil skirt... Some things are easily dippable, while others require much more effort.

Tristan Affliction
I don't know about you but I'm sitting in my boxers. So I had perfect freedom to dip without any restrictions. You might need to be wearing a free flowing dress though.

Danielle Napolitano
Wow .....this insanely clever banter made my night lmao
14 February 2013 @ 02:09 am
«« Ðø¢tør·Whø »»
i have mixed nuts in my mouth and it's amazing.
«« Ðø¢tør·Whø »»
im also not apologizing for that sentence
;Raoul Duke.
;Raoul Duke.
nuts are good!
Stephanie Knezevich
31 minutes ago near Pana, IL ·
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Tristan Affliction Oh man the mental image that just flashed through my mind while reading that..is something that should never happen again lmao. You've violated my thoughts and I've violated you by putting you into those thoughts.
10 minutes ago · Like

Stephanie Knezevich WHAT. IT'S A TV SHOW WEIRDO.
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Tristan Affliction I pictured you jumping out in some tribal face paint in a tribal stance..and as you know most tribal women are topless. So as you did that you yelled in some native tongue and then started shaking your "tata's" to the glory of the beat LOLOL. I can not be held responsible for my crazy mental images.
6 minutes ago · Like

Stephanie Knezevich What the fuck is wrong with you o.o
6 minutes ago via mobile · Like

Tristan Affliction LOL well i told you that it was disturbing for both of us.
5 minutes ago · Like

Stephanie Knezevich Seek help lmao
4 minutes ago via mobile · Like

Tristan Affliction lmao well just be glad thats as far as it went and it wasn't worse cause it could of been aha.
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Stephanie Knezevich Lmao!
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kaleidoscopic.eyes // ««Tärdiš»»: Lishy
Addicts Empathy: Me
PHEAR: Chris
wtf is this: Justin

kaleidoscopic.eyes 1:08 am
justins in a ep of walking dead
coming up
hes a zombie

Addicts Empathy 1:12 am
oo. hopefully he took photos

kaleidoscopic.eyes 1:12 am
he has em ya

Addicts Empathy 1:12 am
so we can figure out which one he is lol

---------on palace later------------

[1:10:54 AM] ««Tärdiš»»
[1:10:57 AM] PHEAR
dude autograph that and mail it to me
[1:10:59 AM] ««Tärdiš»»
[1:11:02 AM] wtf is this
[1:11:07 AM] PHEAR
make it out to
[1:11:18 AM] PHEAR
my hunny chris
[1:11:22 AM] wtf is this
my loving boyfriend
[1:11:25 AM] PHEAR
[1:11:29 AM] Bee <3
I'm not singing too shy to. lol. <
[1:11:29 AM] ««Tärdiš»»
[1:11:36 AM] wtf is this
the love of my life
[1:11:37 AM] wtf is this
[1:11:40 AM] PHEAR
ya all of that
[1:11:41 AM] wtf is this
the love of my afterlife
[1:11:42 AM] ««Tärdiš»»
[1:11:47 AM] Bee <3
LMAO @ Chris and Justin.
[1:11:52 AM] PHEAR
ill put that shit on my wall next to my bed
[1:12:03 AM] wtf is this
[1:12:07 AM] PHEAR
omg i have a boner
[1:12:10 AM] PHEAR
[1:12:11 AM] wtf is this
me too
[1:12:20 AM] PHEAR
Addicts Empathy 1:14 am
ohh wts hes tryin to steal justin now

kaleidoscopic.eyes 1:14 am
[1:12:30 AM] PHEAR
[1:12:40 AM] PHEAR
we should rub dicks
[1:12:46 AM] wtf is this
sword fight
[1:12:46 AM] ««Tärdiš»»
[1:13:03 AM] PHEAR
u so silly
[1:13:05 AM] je.
me & sister bertha have a konzerte next week end
[1:13:23 AM] wtf is this
damn i felt bad today cuz i seen the ugliest kid ive ever seen in my life
[1:13:30 AM] wtf is this
turned out to be one of kellys friends kids

-----------back on aim-------------

Addicts Empathy 1:15 am
i love how rubbin dicks with chris makes him think of the ugliest kid story
score for me

kaleidoscopic.eyes 1:15 am
that was super gay though so it has to be saved for later use.

Addicts Empathy 1:22 am
09 October 2012 @ 03:53 am
;Raoul Duke.
;Raoul Duke.
i'd never seen someone w straight pubes either
;Raoul Duke.
til i saw tinas
«« Ðø¢tør·Whø »»
«« Ðø¢tør·Whø »»
its so long it's lost it's curl
;Raoul Duke.
«« Ðø¢tør·Whø »»
too much weight
«« Ðø¢tør·Whø »»
pulling it straight
;Raoul Duke.
thats what my hair does
;Raoul Duke.
on my head
«« Ðø¢tør·Whø »»
im a poet
;Raoul Duke.
«« Ðø¢tør·Whø »»
of disgusting things
«« Ðø¢tør·Whø »»
yeah i was hoping you said on your head and no where else
«« Ðø¢tør·Whø »»
otherwise i'd be disturbed
;Raoul Duke.
06 October 2012 @ 05:07 am
i feel like stuffing my face
«« Ðø¢tør·Whø »»
that sentence could be amazing or end horribly
some kind of goodness
«« Ðø¢tør·Whø »»
that still doesnt complete it
i know
«« Ðø¢tør·Whø »»
still could go in either direction
not cock
«« Ðø¢tør·Whø »»
not cock is a wise choice. unless youre into that sort of thing. then i'd recommend in your own private space.
yeah not into that
«« Ðø¢tør·Whø »»
yeah me either
not doing it anyways
04 October 2012 @ 03:57 am
Tristan Affliction
i dont get why they freak out though over things so badly.
it solves nothing
its crazy you were dealing with the same thing too lol. its weird how much we have in common with the weirdest stuff

ack that is hard when it isnt standard. i hate that. :<
yeah really though. it just isnt necessary
and yeah weird coincidences

Tristan Affliction
yeah youre apparently the female version of me. i feel bad for you cause it isn't the greatest lol. hopefully the gender difference gives you the upper hand aha

baha. we're two peas mang

Tristan Affliction
lol yeah. at least we can zip ourselves in and avoid the world when they get too crazy. we need a tv in our pod to watch doctor who. and internet so you can entertain yourself with tumblr aha

hehehe yes. then our pod would be complete

Tristan Affliction
yeah itll be easy to move too. just drill lil holes into the bottom and walk around like the flintstones or we can scoot around like a worm

I definitely just thought we'd be sedintary and cozy, but this, this is hilariously awesome

Tristan Affliction
lmao yeah

Tristan Affliction
gotta always have a backup plan! just incase things get too mental in the spot we're crashing aha

good idea doh

Tristan Affliction
we can use it as a boat too if we had to. so many possibilities

we could travel!

Tristan Affliction
use it as a sled in the winter too.


Tristan Affliction
altho the moving thing would be more hilarious for those that witness it
either seein a big pod looking worm wiggling across the ground or lil feet sticking outside the bottom runnin at rapid speed

hehe it'd be like a lil caterpillar
but only 4 feet
i quadrapedal pod

Tristan Affliction
oh shit only 4 feet. thats gotta be a tight space Lol

only 4 feet sticking out

Tristan Affliction
dunno where we're putting the tv and laptop lol
Ohhh lol dur


Tristan Affliction
shh its late

her her